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Colour Analysis

Personal Stylist showing her client her colour drapes
"Colour can change how we feel in an instant."
Karen Haller

Do you know the best colours to wear?  Do you know how wearing colour can not only boost your mood but lift your confidence too? Would you like to look radiant, younger and  have glowing skin?  If you answered yes to the above,  let me help you on your colour journey. 

When colours complement you, you look healthier, brighter and more vibrant.  Who doesn't love that?

Each colour analysis is completely bespoke, designed for you.  After our initial conversation over zoom or on the phone, a questionnaire will be emailed to you.  This will highlight how you feel about colour as well as discussing your colour personality.

A colour analysis takes approximately 1.5 hours in my home studio in Nottingham and consists of using coloured drapes placed under your chin to see directly the impact these drapes have on your skin tone, eye and hair colour.

Or if you live further away I can complete an online colour analysis over zoom using digital drapes. 

Once completed, I'll reveal which season you fall predominantly in, allowing you to see which colours suit you best.  This will support you when shopping giving you the confidence you deserve.


The benefits of colour analysis:
  • Learn what colours suit and flatter your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone

  • Save precious time and money when shopping as each purchase will be considered once you know your wow colours

  • Learn how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe as well as key accessories (scarves, belts, bags etc.)


You will no longer feel like you can never wear a colour as I will equip you with all the styling tricks and tips you need.

Colour Analysis: What is included?
  • Colour Analysis using colourful drapes
  • Explanation of how colour analysis focussing on each of the 4 different seasons
  • Tips on how to incorporate your WOW colours in your wardrobe
  • A mini swatch of fabrics of your season worth  £20 so you can pop it in your hand bag and take them shopping with you.



Looking at colour drapes in the mirror
Colour Analysis service £130 (both online and in-person)
If you have any questions about my Colour Analysis or any of my Styling Services, please complete the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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