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Personal Styling and Shopping Services

Personal Stylist and client leaving a shop carrying bags
The key to great style is confidence. Knowing what really suits you.
Would you love to open your wardrobe each morning and just know 
exactly what to wear? 
Would you love to pull together a great outfit with minimal effort?
Would you love your own personal shopper who does all this hard work for you so you don’t have to - saving you precious time?


Of course you would.


But clothes shopping can be so overwhelming, not to mention time consuming.






















Walking into a shop not knowing where to start can also be so frustrating.

The great news is that this is easy to fix and where I can help you achieve your wardrobe of dreams.


So you never feel that you have nothing to wear when you get dressed.

Personal Stylist choosing clothing
Personal Stylist chatting to a client
Personal Stylist choosing outfit
A shopping trip with Lisa will give you...  

✓ clear direction of which clothes fit and flatter your body shape

✓ the colours that suit your skin tone

✓ outfits to match your personality and lifestyle and budget.

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