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Wardrobe Edit

Personal Stylist selecting clothing

Honestly the stress of my wardrobe has gone! I now love getting dressed and the confidence you have given me is unreal.


Style is something we all have – we just need to find it!
Do you open your wardrobe and think, ‘I have nothing to wear?’
Is your wardrobe full and yet you still cannot find an outfit to wear?
Do you struggle to mix and match outfits in your wardrobe?
Would you like to quickly put an outfit on in the morning, one that you look great and feel fabulous in?


If you answered yes to the above, a wardrobe edit is for you.


This wardrobe consultation is a great way of seeing what clothes you do have: deciding what we should keep and what needs to go.  


By editing your wardrobe and seeing what clothes fit and flatter your body shape, I will be able to quickly see which clothes suit and match your lifestyle. 

How the wardrobe edit  works -


The appointment starts with us sitting down with a drink and completing a questionnaire together, to discuss your lifestyle and style preferences. Your answers will tell me more about your body shape, personality, lifestyle, as well as your shopping habits.


Together, we will review, edit and cleanse your wardrobe, focusing on clothing that still sparks joy and removing pieces that no longer fit, suit your lifestyle or ones in need of repairing.  


Clothing, footwear and accessories will then be reorganised, creating a fully functional and stylish wardrobe.

I will show you how to create new items with your existing pieces as well as forming a list of gaps we may have identified during this cleansing process.  

After the Wardrobe edit you may decide to book onto one of my personal shopping services (this is what a lot of my clients choose to do).

Personal Stylist selecting clothing
Personal Stylist on the phone to a client for a free consultation
The Benefits -
  • Your wardrobe will be separated into summer and winter seasons.

  • You will have a mini colour consultation and body shape analysis. 

  • You'll learn what styles fit and flatter your body shape, making it easier to shop in the future.

  • Learn how to put outfits together with your existing wardrobe using my style tips and with my expert and honest advice.

  • Find out how to finish a look with accessories.

  • Together we will identify gaps in your existing wardrobe and compile a list of missing key items needed to complete your wardrobe.

3 hour Wardrobe Edit £300

Walk in wardrobes and extensive wardrobes are priced on an individual basis.


Mileage is included up to 30 miles.  Over 30 miles is chargeable.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about my Wardrobe Edit Services, simply click the button below, complete the form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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